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You can be 14 and actually, truly be in love, is the thing.

Being told it's just a crush--well, that gets a laptop thrown at your head, if you want ot say that.

The thing is, she proved herself a long time ago to everyone at Xavier's. They know her. They love her. They're her family, and they understand that when it comes to Piotr--

When it came. Came. Stupid, stupid memories left over from a visit from her future self.

It doesn't make sense. She knows they got married then. She's stuck with the memory of the wedding. (Why didn't I wear white?) Along with three kids stolen from them by Sentinels, and one kiss good-bye, and it's not fair, he should be the one who has to have these all in his head if he's going to do this to her--


Fine. She's mature. She's 100% mature. The hysterical sobbing into her pillow is over. Time to be a big girl. She can handle this. She can totally handle seeing Piotr Rasputin every day and going about and being adult and--

And it's time to go home. It's winter, and she wants her daddy. (And her mom. But...well. Her mom--she wants her daddy.) And he sounded so weird on the last phone call anyway.

It's time to go home.

She's a genius. But it doesn't take being one to know that when you're heart is broken, sometimes you need to get your head clear.

That's what will happen. Right. It's just a break to get her head clear.

And the reason she leaves as quickly as possible, the reason she runs to the cab and doesn't tell Illyana, the reason she takes her most important things with her is...

Well, Kitty Pryde is a genius.

And that is the part that tells her she doesn't know how long this break will be.

[Many years later, she'll wonder if she would have had a more peaceful life if she'd just been able to close her eyes and deal with the pain. But you make one choice, and you never know that it's the one that's going to set you on your life path.

This just happens to be that one.]


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