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Hank is eyeing her in a way that Kate would be annoyed at any other time.

Hank has also given her a shot of...something, she's not quite sure what, because she really did start hyperventilating when his words finally registered to her.

Every month, it's the same check-up, the same thing; two checkups from now is the deadline she and Piotr had agreed on for starting fertility treatments, and frankly, in her head, Kate recites the results of Hank's tests along with him, like she has every month.

The problem comes when this month, the words in her head do not match the ones coming out of his mouth.

It took her a minute.

"--Wait. Wait. Say that part again? --NO, HANK, NOT THE PART ABOUT MY WHITE BLOODCELLS."

He had looked slightly miffed at the shouting, but she feels, really, that was entirely understandable.

"...Oh. Um. Okay. ...Hank, you should probably call Piotr. I think I'm going to hyperventilate."

Which she then did, showing, Kate feels, that she at least has some idea of what's going on in her body, and then there was the shot, and then Hank called Piotr, and then--

Wow. My brain really doesn't ever shut down. And I babble in it, too. Huh.

She really hopes Piotr gets here before she drives herself crazy. Or drives Hank crazy. He might inject her again, then. She couldn't blame him, really.


She's not at all sure how to deal with this.
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