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Someone is tapping her foot.

A lot.

For a while.

And then she's sticking her head back through the door--literally--to roll her eyes at her roommate.

"Kiddo, come on. Stevie's already threatened us with extra laps if we show up late again."

Okay, so this ignores the possibility of portals that take you immediately to where you need to be. Or the fact that running really isn't a big concern for either of them.

It's the thought that counts!

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It's the irony which gets the sarcastic glance through in the mirror Illyana is standing in front of still.

Sometimes it's the little things that still catch her too hard suddenly. The sudden shift of an expression when she was doing her hair leaves her staring for endless minutes to try and catch the faintest shadow through slitted blue eyes, as though the mirror might betray something her pale face and blue eyes hid so well.

But the irony causes her to make a face, half-forgetting it, in the mirror at the head popping in. She popped up from the chair, grabbing a duffel strap, saying with sarcastic amusement. "I'm sure you're so worried."

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"Our dictator will be proud to know she inspires such fear." Illyana laughed, catching the sweater before it could connect with her head and shoulders.

"We could just pop over there. A quick trip," she said, with a wave of her hand, small blue sparkles fizzling in and then out at the edges of her fingers as she smirked. "And then we might appear to have been there waiting already, somehow magically overlooked."

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A disc of light burst vibrantly around her legs even as she stuck her tongue out.

Making a grab for Kitty's hand, to pull her into the light, she commented with chagrin. "Not unless you've got some crazier things in mind for the costume machine when we get back."

It was as close as she'd get to saying she was getting better.

Or that she knew what the considerations were from.
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That look, with the thin pressed lips and raised eyebrow, was impertinently dubious.

Striped socks and strap-on skates impertinently dubious.

"Style. Color, cloth confusion. Whatever you want to call it, Pryde," Illyana said, shaking her head with a repressed smile, as she pulled her into the disc.

They vanished from the mansion....

and popping into Limbo for brief seconds

....appeared at what most definitely was not Stevie's dance studio.


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