May. 9th, 2007

prydeful: (Next best thing to a ghost)
References to the Mekanix limited series and God Loves, Man Kills II.

She's angry.

She notes this in an absent sort of way, because really, she's always angry these days. It's par for the course.

She's not sure if she's angry at Kaylee--she doesn't think so, though she's frustrated, she knows that--or if it's just life, or if it's something else.

The collar's thing and hard and solid in her hands. Electronic key disabled in the break from Prison 42. She fixed that, in the past few weeks.

She's not sure why.

Because she could, maybe.

She's good at fixing things. She called herself the gearhead, once, when talking to Betsy (Betsy's dead again) and it's true. Maureen made her say it, once. Made Kate-who-was-Kitty (she misses being Kitty) cry in session, made her yell that she's a genius and can solve any problem, that she can fix anything, take it apart and rebuild it better than before, but she couldn't fix her parents' marriage. She couldn't save her dad. She couldn't save Yana-Pete (not dead)-Piotr (dead now not dead)-Rachel (back from the future, without Michael J. Fox), couldn't save Magneto from himself.

So what good, she yelled, before storming out, did being able to fix anything do, if she couldn't fix that?

She just met Peter Petrelli, Kate knows, and she wants to fix this for him. She doesn't want anymore to die (please no more explosions in New York, in any world) and doesn't want to think on a school and children being killed on TV. Doesn't want to think on jail.

She fixed the collar. The collar could help.

But it can't even go back with him.

And Kate doesn't know how to fix that.

Kate doesn't know how to fix this, and the thing is, Ogun always said she was made for destruction anyway, said it was why he wanted her, what made her special, and oh so very good at killing (and he made her so much better). And the collar isn't doing any good, the one time it could.

She considers it, and then phases her hand through, watches the sparks fly and (almost) feels them go off against intangible skin.

She could fix this too.

She doesn't think she's going to any time soon.

Sometimes, Kate thinks, she just wants to leave things broken.

And this damned thing deserves to be.


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