Mar. 25th, 2007

prydeful: (Try me)
This is the plan. The first one, anyway.

Step One: Don't die.
Step Two: Don't go crazy.
Step Three: Repeat steps one through two.

All she has to do, Kitty thinks, is ignore her track record for following plans.

And then it's all well.


Plan Two, Step One: Hold you head up high.
Step Two: Never let them see you cry.
Step Three: Remember that they only control you as much as you think they do.
Step Four: Don't say a word.

She's good up until step four.

Step four is where the second plan falls apart, really.

Admittedly, Kitty vaguely guessed that was how it was going to work out.

Plan Three, Step One: Step into the transporter.
Step Two: Pray.
Step Three: Remember you're not talking to God, return to Plan Two.


Plan Four, Step One: Try not to throw up as the Negative Zone hits you in the gut.
Step Two: Don't gasp the way you want to.
Step Three: Try not to see the world around you as made of targets.
Step Four: Laugh, a brief and quiet giggle.
Step Five: Ignore the looks that gets you.
Step Six: Ignore the people who've fallen over (two) and are screaming. Ignore the guards. Ignore the walls.
Step Seven: Realize the guards and the walls and people screaming mean nothing.
Step Eight: Repeat Step Four.
(Step Nine: See Plan One, Step Two.)

Plan Five, Step One: Join the outbreak.
Step Two: Hit.
Step Three: Kick.
Step Four: Bleed.
Step Five: Repeat steps two through four as needed.

Plan Six, Step One: See Piotr.
Step Two: Ignore his expression.
Step Three: Suppress the instinct to punch him too when his arm loops around her and starts dragging her out.
Step Four: Be vaguely aware of his voice saying she's getting out, she's going to be taken to Simon, she's going to be fine.
Step Five: See Plan Five, Step Four. Repeat as reality demands, willing or no.

Plan Seven: See Plan One.


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